Remember The Babies Foundation.

Breaking The Silence


Pregnancy loss and child loss is such a unspoken and hidden conversation. We really don't understand why, when it happens to so many people from so many different cultures, ethnic backgrounds, and so close to you. You may have not experienced this but your mom, aunt, sister, grandma, cousin, or close friend has, because the statistic rates are so high. Did you know there are over 3 Million cases per year and 58% of which happens to women under the age of 35? Some people really don’t understand how detrimental losing a baby is from a miscarriage, still birth , or infant loss. It affects you mentally , physically, & emotionally all at once. We have to put a stop to this by breaking the silence and having the miscarriage, still birth, and infant loss conversation. But more importantly sharing our stories with one another. There is so much healing from being able to talk about it without being judged or looked at as defective. To all the women and men out there who loss a baby to any circumstance, regardless of the cause, Remember The Babies SEES YOU & SUPPORTS YOU from one MOTHER & FATHER who experienced this grief to another.


Diamond Tatum

"January 2010, a day I rarely talk about, it’s just hard. But to my first child that I NEVER MET, made it to heaven. Continue to rest in heaven and watch over me, your father, and your siblings we LOVE YOU and we will see you again."